Relationship with Money Assessment


Or is your relationship with money a mess?

Money is the #1 excuse people give for what they can’t have, do, or be. Whether a person is afraid they won’t have enough, or they’re anxious they’ll lose the wealth they already have, the “Money Monster” shows up across all sectors of society.

If you’re committed to breaking free of limitation and living the life you desire, you’re in the right place!

  • You’re looking to create the freedom to focus on love, lifestyle, and legacy.
  • You’re ready to take the action needed to make real improvements in your relationship with money.
  • You understand that people who engage expert support achieve higher-quality, longer-lasting results than those who go it alone.

If you are ready to launch your journey into a deep and honouring relationship with Money, Love and Life, take the Relationship with Money Assessment below. It will identify your strengths and your blocks, so we can design a personalized roadmap to live the fully abundant life you desire and deserve.

Once you take your assessment, check your inbox right away for your score and important next steps towards the abundance and prosperity you deserve!

0 = Completely not true.
4 = More untrue than true.
7 = More true than untrue.
10 = Absolutely true!

I. Money

1. When I want to make more money, I know know how to do it.

2. I don't have any "bad" debt.

3. I have more than enough money to live in a style that pleases me.

4. I easily and consistently earn what I am worth.

5. I know exactly how much money I have, and where it is.

6. My income always exceeds my expenses

7. I feel secure in my financial future.

II. Business

1. My work is a loving, joyful expression of my authentic self.

2. My business allows me to do what I want, when I want, with whom I want.

3. My work is fun, helps people, and makes me a lot of money.

4. I know how to get more clients/customers/sales whenever I want them.

5. I am recognized and respected professionally.

6. I am fully supported in my business by staff and associates who free me to focus on what I do best and enjoy most.

7. I have easy access to the right people to help me reach my goals faster.

8. I am crystal clear on why people hire me.

9. I can describe what I do/sell with language that my ideal customers can't resist.

III. Relationships

1. I feel loved and inspired by the people closest to me.

2. I feel understood and respected by the people in my life.

3. Romantic love comes easily to me.

4. I have ways of asking for what I need that honor my needs and inspire support.

5. I attract people who keep their word and even overdeliver.

IV. Self

1. I trust myself to make great decisions and get great results.

2. I am completely free of self-sabotage and procrastination.

3. I am 100% satisfied with my body.

4. I am kind to myself.

5. I have a system to turn my own fears and failures into fortune.

6. I am resourceful. Where there's a will there's a way...

V. Life

1. I have a relaxed awareness that things work out for the best.

2. I'm a master at finding opportunities.

3. I know my life purpose, and I’m living it.

4. I trust my intuition.

5. I make things happen as if by magic.

6. I always have time for what's important.

VI. Your Commitment Level (0 = not very committed, 10 = I am very committed!)

1. I am committed to doing whatever it takes to create personal and financial freedom.

2. I am inspired to discover how my secret "Money Monster" relationship may be holding me back.

3. I am open to discussing my income and life goals, and my plan to get there.

4. I am motivated and ready to invest financially to get the support and tools I need for the results I desire.

5. I believe I have something valuable and important to offer the world, and I'm determined to share my gift.

6. If eligible, I want to schedule a Money Magnet Discovery Session to discuss working with Morgana.

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